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#BB707 Barcode Label Printers

  • #BB707 Barcode Label Printers
    resolution enables it to print all sorts of linear barcodes, 2D barcodes and various graphics
    with high precision.
  • Two Rolls loading for labels or wristbands with switch button to select printing channel.
    Patented design of printing path with open buttons makes it easier to fix paper jam.
  • Printer screen displays in many languages while printer software supports printing different
    languages also. Baobi Printer Driver supports creating various specifications of consumables,
    which helps to quickly create new printing templates. Supporting docking with client’s
    system via BPL interface file, to achieve real-time printing of data.
  • Baobiwanxiang patent designed thermal transfer ribbon box, makes it easy for assembling
    and removing ribbons.
  • Adopting LCD Display to show real-time printing status and quantities.
  • It will improve work efficiency with using Baobi Barcode Verifier to read barcode

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