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Simple Safety Solutions: Child Safety

Child safety is our concern and B&B have develop a very simple safety solution called TUTU BAND.

Every year does almost 800.000 get separated from their parents. This number is the official registered number. The real number is a lot higher but they never get registered. To live with this threat is not funny and TUTU BAND can reduce this threat significance.

To get separated can B&B not avoid but we can very simple bring them together again.

Please watch our new video: Simple Safety Solutions: Child Safety

Children love them

The 12 different patterns with e.g. balloons, submarines, cars, light signals, rainbows, rabbits, feet, trees, flowers, horses and so on makes them very attractive for children. You don’t have to force your kids to wear it. They see the kids id wristbands as a gift like toys.

Children love them - Kids safety

Children love them - Kids safety

You can see more pictures from our last tradeshow in Dubai here.

Great for any kind of skins

The lovely patterns make them funny to wear and the materials is both soft and strong. They can be reused many times. TUTU BAND has been tested and they are latex and phthalate-free.

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