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RFID Wristbands And The Future Of Music Festivals

rfid wristbands work

If you are attending any music festivals this summer, you’re going to have at least one experience with RFID wristbands. That’s a given. What are they? RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification, and more and more venues and organizations are recognizing the merits of the relatively new technology. Here’s a closer look:

How Do RFID Wristbands Work?
Venues distribute RFID wristbands for events and invest in an RFID reader. The plastic ID bracelets are scanned as each attendee enters the park or venue, quickly and easily verifying your identity and your ticket purchase. That’s not all they can do, however. The RFID technology can also be scanned and utilized in other ways. For example, instead of carrying cash or credit cards, users can upload a certain amount of money to the bands and use them as a form of payment. What’s more, “The wristband could help connect a person with bands, letting that person download tracks,”The International Business Times writes. At some events, like daytime events that are family-friendly, the ID bracelets can also be used to track down a person. With 90% of all families losing children in public and 20% misplacing them more than once, that capability will certainly come in handy.

Can They Be Tampered With Or Destroyed?
There are some concerns about the RFID wristbands. Unlike more traditional ID bracelets with writing (typically 12 to 14 font), paper or plastic, and not much else, these bracelets contain sensors that permit people access in and out of the venue and, in some cases, allow people to pay without ever pulling out their wallet. If they are easily tampered with or destroyed, then yes — there will be problems. Thankfully, that’s just not the case. The bracelets are pretty indestructible; they can even “survive being submerged in up to 18 inches of water,” The International Business Times continues.

Wondering how RFID wristbands work, and/or why you’ll be seeing more of them? These simple wristbands make it possible to quickly identify patrons — and sometimes enable users to connect to the Internet or pay without any kind of paper or plastic money.

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