RFID Readers


HF RFID Desktop Reader #BBR720

  • HF-RFID-Desktop-Reader-BBR720Meet the application of reading distance within 5cm; stable reading and writing distance, strong anti-interference ability; reading and writing speed less than 70ms, high efficiency; USB interface easily supports program development
  • Public transportation, access management, electronic toll station, parking lot, campus card, Internet bar, employee card, activity ticket, shopping card, voucher and coupon, product certification, electronic shelf label

UHF RFID Desktop Reader #BBR730

  • UHF-RFID-Desktop-Reader-BBR730It has excellent tag recognition performance such as a wide range of tag reading distances and multi-tag recognition; using the highest level of components, extremely low temperature drift coefficient, can work in harsh environments; extremely low power consumption, long-term continuous at room temperature No fever when working at full load.

RFID Desktop All-in-one #BBR750

  • RFID-Desktop-All-in-one-BBR750BBR750 all – in – one is with fashion appearance, beautiful and easy to install. Suitable for RFID UHF label reading, writing and other binding operations.
  • With indicator light and warning tone, switch button, user-friendly design, it is convenient for users to get started quickly.
  • Support 18000-6C UHF RFID protocol, support FCC902-928Mhz or other specified specifications (ETSI (EU) 865.6-867.6MHz or MIC (Korea) 910-914MHz or SRRC-MII (P.R.China) 920-925MHz)
  • Excellent label chip compatibility, supporting Alien H3, Impinj M series, NXP G2x * & G2i * series, ID Cool Log label chip, unique in tag compatibility industry.

UHF RFID Far Field Reader

  • UHF-RFID-Far-Field-Reader-BR790UHF RFID Far Field Reader #BR790 SL
  • UHF RFID Far Field Reader #BR790 EL
    • Unique multi tag identification algorithm; RF channel is based on Indy R2000 special UHF RFID chip with excellent performance of Impinj; 18000-6b / C full protocol function is realized, and the protocol can be flexibly switched to read dual protocol labels at the same time; integrated aluminum alloy body, long-time operation without worrying about heat dissipation; hardware detects CPU operation status, 24 hours * 365 days Annual operation does not crash

UHF RFID Far Field Reader #BR790 SL