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Custom Rubber Wrist Bands: The Only Good Thing Lance Armstrong Ever Did

rubber wrist bands

The Tour de France bicyclist who shall not be named might have tarnished his legacy for good, but he will have one lasting impact on our society. Thanks to the Livestrong bracelet, those rubber wrist bands have become ubiquitous in our culture.

Chances are you either used to or currently own one or more rubber wrist bands. Nonprofits and fundraisers often acquire these silicone wristbands wholesale as a way to both raise money and improve their brand recognition. But in 2015, rubber wrist bands are being used in a variety of exciting ways. In fact, they’re even saving lives.

Medical Alert Wristbands
In hospitals, it’s crucial that doctors and nurses properly identify patients with allergies and other medical conditions. And rubber wrist bands provide medical professionals with a simple way to identify certain risk factors with a single quick glance.

The National Patient Safety Agency recently reported that 2,900 U.S. patients received the wrong treatment because hospital staff couldn’t read or find patient information. That’s why six states have mandatory rules requiring hospitals to place green medical ID wristbands on patients with latex allergies. And more than 25 state hospital groups have provided voluntary color-coded wristband guidelines for patient safety.

Child Safety
There’s a good chance you remember getting left behind or lost in a public space as a child. That’s because 90% of families will lose one of their children in a public place at least one time. That’s why schools around the country are investing in rubber wrist bands to help identify children in case they wander off and get lost.

Custom Merchandise
For sports teams, bands, and artists looking to increase the revenue they take in from merchandise, custom silicone wristbands allow them to sell unique merchandise their fans will love to wear. And because custom rubber wrist bands are relatively cheap to order wholesale, they offer a great value for artists.

Designated Drivers!
Safety is crucial, and one of the best things you can do to keep your neighborhood safe is to help discourage drinking and driving. Many bars and nightclubs have even started showing their support for designated drivers by providing them with rubber wrist bands that earn them a discount on non-alcoholic drinks and food.

Senior Care
For people suffering from memory loss, some retirement communities have begun using rubber wrist bands with contact information on certain residents. These simple wrist bands can help someone be identified in case of an emergency, while also potentially doubling as a medical alert bracelet as well!

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