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Custom printed Vinyl Wristbands

We delivery this wristband in 47 highly visible colors. Custom printed vinyl wristbands is optional but we strongly recommend it for branding and marketing purposes.

B&B strongest wristband is vinyl (Wikipedia) and is the main choice for secure crowd control and identification. The strength of the wristband makes is perfect for multi-day activities. They are waterproof, more durable and secure than tyvek wristbands and plastic wristbands.

Custom printed vinyl wristbands for branding and marketing

According to branding can our colors match almost any company needs and fits perfect together with logo and text. We delivery many sizes of wristbands and therefore perfect to many different needs. Particular our clear image wristbands is great for branding.

Marketing messages might differ in size and therefore important with many sizes. You can see in the bottom of this site all our wristbands. For inspiration to mobile marketing together with wristbands have publish an article.

Customizing options

You can almost print any kind of text, graphic and logo. You might also in some cases need our serial numbering system, so wristbands can be used together with lottery or promotional codes. For even more flexible customizing options should you consider our Thermal Wristbands together with our Direct Thermal Printer BB777.

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