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Are You Missing Out On The Top 5 Benefits Of Plastic Wristbands For Events?

plastic wristbands for events

While some sketchy nightclubs might go for an easily forged stamp on the wrist, most professional event planners opt for plastic wristbands for events, often with custom branding. Plastic wristbands for events won’t wash away, aren’t vulnerable to counterfeiting, and come with a host of other benefits, from security to branding.

If you’re an event manager or purchasing manager considering buying wristband printers or custom plastic wristbands for events, then here’s five ways these handy devices will benefit you and your guests.

1. A Host Of Security Advantages
There’s a reason so many hospitals rely on plastic ID bracelets and medical alert wristbands — they’re proven to work, save lives, and are easy to use. Plastic wristbands for events also provide security benefits. For instance, unlike stamps or paper tickets, they’re less susceptible to forging and counterfeiting. Using custom printed wristbands for events allows you to sort out the paying guests from the gatecrashers, underage attendees from the 21 and over set, or separate VIP guests from the rest of the crowd.

2. Plastic Wristbands Put Families At Ease
Studies show that not only have 20% of families lost a child at least twice, but 90% will suffer the panic of losing track of their kid in a crowd. And since just 9% of parents put identification information on their child’s person, plastic wristbands can help lost kids get found fast. For events with families or children attending, printed plastic wristbands for events can both put families at ease and solve problems before they happen.

3. Wristband Printing Gives You Greater Control
Wristband printers have never been more affordable, and they allow managers to create large amounts of printed plastic wrist bands for their guests. Keeping a wristband printer on site allows you to print a wide variety of wristbands for any occasion or need, so you can print the solution you need right on the spot. Ever wondered, “Where can I buy wristbands for events at the last minute?” Now it’s as easy as stepping into your office.

Remember: If you’re printing your own wristbands, then you need to use at least a 12 or 14 point font for maximum readability!

4. Custom Wristbands Are Better For Branding
Just like seedy nightclubs might get away with stamps, other venues might make do with ordinary plastic wristbands. But using custom wrist bands printed with information or logos for your company or event help leave a positive impression of your brand. Custom designs help create a professional brand in the mind of your customers.

5. Guests And Event Attendees Prefer Branded Plastic Wrist Bands
Most people will simply throw away a paper ticket or wristband after they’re done with it, but branded, custom wrist bands give your customers a souvenir they can keep for years to come. For those extra special events, guests love holding onto custom plastic wristbands for events they want to remember.

There’s a reason everyone from hospital directors to VIP nightclubs rely on plastic wristbands for events and security. They provide custom solutions and branding opportunities that benefit both businesses and their customers.

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